ECON1401 - Economic Perspectives - Term 1 2020

Undergraduate course, UNSW, Business School, 2020

It is a very ambitious module, aiming at giving the students a crash-course on the history of economic thought while linking those ideas to current policy issues. On top of that, it provide the students with the appropriate tools to read and critique economic texts. Their historical understanding of economic ideas and their ability to propose a policy based on available evidence is then evaluated in a 3000 words essay.

I will be teaching the Macroeconomis part, where I discuss issues of methodology in Macroeconomics (Is macro a science? what is good macro?) and introduce a selection of (macro) topics, such as the fundamental causes of economic growth, fiscal policy and the business cycle.

Main textbook: The Wordly Philosophers, Heilbroner.

Main Assessment: 3,000 words essay, giving students a current policy issue to discuss and to link to the ideas of famous economic thinkers of the past.

My slides: Topics I , II , III , IV.